Advanced Wi-Fi Solution Installed at The Malvern

Advanced Wi-Fi Solution Installed at The Malvern

When one of our long term clients asked us how to improve the Wi-Fi experience for their guests, we jumped at the chance to meet the challenge!

For a while, we had received feedback that the original system was limited in both its performance and range – something that the venue obviously wanted to change. Our aim was not only to meet the requirements of The Malvern and their guests, but exceed them too.

Our first problem was the local infrastructure and the lack of super-fast broadband in the area, an issue we had experienced first-hand. We also had to overcome poor internal signal strength and coverage seen with the existing network, obstacles present due to the makeup and layout of the building.

We used to receive negative feedback about the quality of our Wi-Fi – we’re now able to provide a really good experience for all of our guests.

- Gordon Reeves, Operations Manager, - The Malvern.

After an initial discussion with The Malvern we organised a high-speed, dedicated broadband connection in preparation for the new guest network and all of the hardware required to trial the solution. After an initial site survey using our test equipment we were able to quickly determine how many access points we needed to provide coverage throughout the venue.

Everything was installed and configured within a day and clear instructions were provided on how the solution was going to work. We had access to a portal which provided an overview of the network and how it was being used, we were even able to see that average of 100 people per day were connecting to and using the Wi-Fi, this was something that we had no knowledge of previously.

The Malvern have always been ready to adopt new technology and when we told them about our Social Wi-Fi platform which also allows guests to log on to the wireless network using their Facebook accounts they were keen to see it in action.

We setup the guest network to provide a limit on the speed each user received, this allowed us to ensure that everyone had a fair share of the connection resulting in a quality experience for all. Users had enough speed available to browse the internet, YouTube and social media, even enough to watch Netflix or online video without affecting the quality of the connection for others.

We initially trialled the new hardware and guest Wi-Fi platform for 4 weeks, the system allowed users to log in to our network using either their Facebook accounts or by using a simple registration form.


The most popular check in method proved to be through Facebook. Users had the option to ‘like’ our company Facebook page as part of the log on process and during the first two weeks of the trial we’d managed to increase our total page likes by almost 50% taking it from around 2500 to over 4000! We also found that user engagement on our Facebook page increased as friends of people that checked in would be able to see that they were at our venue and were commenting on status updates – this massively improved our social reach.

It was a really positive experience for us and we’re really happy that we were able to provide a solution to The Malvern that allows them to continue to deliver great service to their guests. It’s important for us to be able to build relationships with our clients and bring solutions that not only solve problems but help to grow their business too.

We were so pleased with the results of the new wireless solution, and the feedback from our guests, that we have now made the solution permanent at our hotel.

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