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We enable venues to provide a personalised visitor experience using branded WiFi and the ability to improve loyalty and increase sales through WiFi marketing.

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With more than 72% of people in the UK owning at least one smart device and the percentage of 16 to 30 year old pushing 90% the need to be connected has never been greater.

The demand for mobile and tablet users to access public Wi-Fi services is growing beyond the availability in locations such as hotels and airports and is extending to public spaces and smaller venues such as retail outlets and leisure facilities.

Our solution enables venues to offer a fully managed, legally complaint Free WiFi service to guests, satisfying growing user demand.

The connection process is simple and only takes a few seconds. Guests can choose to log in using their social media accounts or opt to use a simple registration form. Once connected users are able to browse the internet, subject to your usage restrictions.

In return for providing a free Wi-Fi service you’ll gain access to a wealth of information to help understand what draws visitors to your venue and learn how to encourage them to visit more frequently and increase spend.

We provide venue specific data, reporting on guests’ visit frequency, loyalty and stay duration enabling owners to reward repeat visitors and improve engagement with short stay clients.

Venue owners can use visitor information to design targeted marketing campaigns based on age, gender, visit frequency and stay duration to deliver vouchers and venue promotions direct to device.

Guest Wi-Fi, used in conjunction with our venue apps, enable us to provide an intelligent marketing solution with real ROI opportunities and fast social media presence growth.
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Industry sectors


Boost sales through targeted marketing personalised shopping experience


Encourage repeat visits using automatic loyalty cards and voucher delivery


Push venue information, encourage guests to stay with dwell triggered vouchers


Track guests’ visit frequency, boost repeat visits and in-venue sales with age and gender based offers


Push event information, track footfall and improve crowd control

Public Spaces

Guide visitors to points of interest, provide local geographical information direct to device

How it works

Getting people connected couldn’t be easier!

Guests will be connected to your network in just a few simple steps. You’ll quickly be able to act, marketing directly to device based on age, gender, location and how often someone visits, all while increasing page likes, followers, website traffic and engagement on your social media pages.



All you need to get started is an existing internet connection and one of our access points. We’ll supply everything that’s required and configure it all to talk to our captive portal solution.

Next, you’ll need to get visitors connecting to your network. We can provide you with signage and tent-cards to promote your guest WiFi network but it would also help to improve take-up if your service was advertised by venue staff and through other print and on-line media.

With every connection you’ll increase your opportunity to engage with visitors through social media channel and expose your brand to new customers in a similar demographic through their social connections. You’ll also be able to improve visitor loyalty by marketing direct to device with specific campaigns based on age, gender, dwell-time and visit frequency.

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Visitor Insights

Our automated reporting platform delivers actionable presence statistics that assist in making informed customer and business operation decisions.

We provide venue specific data on guests’ visit frequency, loyalty and stay duration enabling venue owners to reward repeat visitors and improve engagement with short-stay guests.

Used in conjunction with our loyalty applications and coupon delivery engine we’re able to provide an intelligent marketing solution with real ROI opportunities.

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Managed marketing


Our managed marketing services provide a great way to interact and engage with guests.

We offer a range or service levels to suit your venue and the frequency that you wish to deliver vouchers to customers.


We can even use the use our voucher delivery system to send information to guests of your up coming events.

Behaviour triggered contact and automatic voucher delivery can significantly enhance the customer experience and make it easier for them to engage with your venue.


Welcome guests on their first visit and reward them for their loyalty on their 5th, 10th or 50th visit by sending them discount coupons, all automatically!

As part of our reporting, we can tell you who your top customers are on a monthly basis.

Want to reward top customers directly with individually tailored offers? No problem!

Need more? Want to target people based on their age and gender? Again, with our managed marketing solutions this isn’t a problem. You tell us what you want, and we’ll do it.


Can we do more than this? Yes!

Talk to us about our branded venue mobile and tablet apps. Through direct to device marketing we can provide even more flexibility and further ROI opportunities.

Increase Business through Social WiFi

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Venue Apps


  • Branded venue application
  • Automatic presence detection
  • App based loyalty tracking
  • Venue specific information
  • Push notification enabled
  • Direct to device marketing

Our intelligent applications work seamlessly with our on-premise wireless solutions.

Not only do you benefit from directly engaging with your clients through your app, you’re also able to track and reward loyalty, share venue information and build brand awareness.

Send push notifications to clients and offer incentives to increase visits during known periods of low activity.

Applications are detected and communicate automatically when in range of your wireless network and can be configured to instantly welcome clients to the venue and add a stamp to their app loyalty card.

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